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President's Emerging Scholars (PES) Program!

"Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be." George Sheehan

What is the President's Emerging Scholars Program?

President's Emerging Scholars is an advising community within the College of Liberal Arts that provides personalized, holistic, and culturally competent advising that advances academic excellence, campus engagement, and professional development for students placed in our program by the Office of Admissions.

CLA-PES offers:
  • Low-student-to-adviser ratio
  • Peer mentoring
  • First-year Learning-Communities
  • Computer lab
  • Reserved seats in high-demand courses
  • Educational and professional development workshops
  • FREE - 5 day Summer Seminar in June for incoming first year students
  • Scholarships - If students meet all program requirements, students are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship in their first year and a $1,000 scholarship in their fourth year.

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Prospective Students

If you are a prospective or newly admitted student, click here to learn more about the PES program.

Meet the CLA-PES Staff
Check out this link for brief bios and contact information for your Academic Adviser and Peer Mentor.

Your Advising Team
A combination of services from your PES Academic Adviser, major department, career planning office, and Peer Mentor will help you better explore, plan, and graduate in four years.

PES Courses - CLA 1005 and CLA 2005
CLA 1005: Liberal Arts Learning and CLA 2005: Global Inequality and Transformative Citizenship are required courses for all CLA President's Emerging Scholars freshmen. Read descriptions for each course and learn more about our teaching team.

Majors Served
PES provides advising services that encompass every major offered by CLA.

Career Information
If you are thinking about how your major matches up with your career, or conversely, what types of careers are associated with certain majors, the "career information" section is for you.

First-Year Orientation Checklist
Orientation is a busy time and so we've put all the things you need to do in one easy place. Remember to take advantage of everything that is on your list so you don't miss out!